Thursday, August 9, 2012

My first post. My introductory blog. This being my maiden voyage, I suppose I should write something super witty and intellectual. I'm afraid we're both going to be disappointed on that count.

I've been toying with the idea of beginning a blog again for the last couple of years. I used to keep one on MySpace, but then everyone jumped ship and swam to Facebook, and I was left alone and bitter with my words and no one to read them. I doubt things will be much different here, but the opportunity to link all of my madness together means that maybe someone (besides myself) will read this.

I guess I'll get the prelims out of the way first. Hey, there's an idea! I'll use my very first post here to highlight some of my likes and dislikes. Everyone loves it when people talk about themselves, right? Shut up, I'm bored and feeling pent-up and restless.

Books (reading them, collecting them, critiquing them...)
Music (and I mean it. I like music. All around. I don't believe anyone does music wrong or bad, just that there is music I don't like, and that's different)
Italian food (pasta is an unhealthy obsession)
The smell of citrus (but I can't eat oranges or drink orange juice which totally blows)
My night dreams (most of the time, my dreams are more entertaining than anything found on TV)
Dolphins (my favorite non-domesticated animal. Dolphins are sadistic as shit)
Learning (I'm always trying new things, and I'm OK with not sticking with them, as long as I can say I tried)
Psychology (it helps explain some of the complete idiocy I witness on a daily basis)
Genealogy (yes, this ties right in with history, but is in a category all its own. I was recently informed that someone I know doesn't believe in genealogy. Which makes me laugh every time I think about it)
 Color (this new trend of neutral colors in houses, room after room of nothing but beige and white, makes me go a little crazy on the inside)
Scrapping (give me a newspaper, some glue, and a pasting board and I will create functional art)
Collecting things (my dad used to call me his little crow when I was a child)
Video games
Meteorology (yeah, I'm one of those freaks who enjoys talking about the weather, so I get a little offended whenever someone says, "oh god, we're talking about the weather!" like it's the lamest thing imaginable. The weather is awesome! So fuck you!)
Astrology (you wouldn't think a skeptical non-believer would believe in this, would you?)
Alien abduction theories

OK, I've gotten off track, haven't I? Let's try this again...

Dry humor
Procrastination (why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?)
Sex (hey, this is a legitimate thing to list as some people truly don't like it. And that is sad)       
October (fall)
Science Fiction
Gadgets (I'm a freak for technology. When I was a kid I used to run around with a giant book and pretend I was Penny from Inspector Gadget. Now I have my laptop, a Kindle, a Zune, a cell phone, and all my cameras, and it's just not enough. I want a tablet of some kind, not to mention the Intuos digital drawing tablet, a different phone.....)
Used book stores
Notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.
The smell of B.O. from a person I find attractive (they think there might be pheromones present in sweat; I know there are pheromones present in sweat)

Things I dislike:
Extreme heat
Religion (ties right in with the above, doesn't it? hehe)
Reality television
Pecan pie
Shaved coconut ("not the taste; the consistency.")  
Idiot drivers
Unnecessary drama
Public education
Modern pharmacology
Willful ignorance
White kitchen appliances
People who tell teenagers to "grow up" while simultaneously treating them like children
The modern political landscape (seriously, Obama or Romney? Makes no difference at this point)
The U.S. (yeah, and it's my right to dislike it, so cram it)
Pandering children's shows (Barney, The Wiggles, Dora the Explorer, et al.)
The idiotic notion that banning guns will result in less crime
The abortion debate (making it illegal won't make it go away, you morons)
The criminalization of marijuana (see above)

I could probably list more, but I'm sick of this. Bye.


  1. I wrote novel. Will you review it?

  2. Sure! What is it and how do I get a hold of it?

    1. It is called, "One Hand Waving Free" by Ellen Hofmann, available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback, and on B&N Nook. I can send it to your Kindle as a doc if you allow it, or mail you the paperback. Thanks.

  3. After reading your 50 shades reviews on Goodreads, I have fallen in love with you. That is all.

  4. Where's the litte subscribe widget thingy?

    1. Your guess is as good as mine! Lol. Seriously, though, I'll try to get this sorted.

  5. Dropped by to say I love the way you write (^_^)! [your reviews are awesome!]
    You are so entertaining! I am already following your blog~

  6. I am one of your biggest fans Katrina. And I love the fact that you make an effort to respond to every comment you get --in a sincere and friendly manner too. That EL James is more famous than you (because you are famous now,to a certain degree) just goes to show how much this world's standards suck. oh well.

    I'm curious if you particularly dislike tumblr? I just thought having your blog there would make it easier for people to spread your posts around. it's got the best themes too. hee :)


    1. Thank you, Naomi!

      I'm afraid I've been guilty of being neglectful for a time now. It just all became too much for a little while there. My review blowing up the way it did surprised the hell out of me, and the subsequent attention drove me into a bit of a hermit-like state.

    2. Oh, and in regards to tumblr; I have one, but writing on there...I don't know. Something about the format makes it hard for me to express myself in words. I tend to just enjoy the imagery that is that community.

  7. Hello their Katrina, anna3101 from goodreads here. Any chance that you add "follow blog by email" in here? I'd love to subscribe to all of your posts. Needless to say, as it is the case with so many people, I'm totally in love with you after reading your 50 Shades reviews :)

    1. I'll add it if I can figure out how:) Sadly, even though I've been utilizing it for over a year, some areas of blogger are still a complete mystery to me.

  8. I have to ask Katrina: where do you get all your fab GIFs from? I've tried google and various other places but can never find ones that fit what i write! :/ any search tips would be much appreciated too! :D

    1. I do a lot of image searches, but I find most of my good gifs on Tumblr. When you do an image search, try to use the emotion you're looking for. Like "frustrated gif" or "sad gif".